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Landscaping and Snow
January 2016: Blade Runners is the new landscaping and snow removal contractor for the cluster. 
Landscaping: Blade Runners is in the community every week or so for mowing and seasonal needs of the community. As our community has now reached the 20 year mark, we are dealing with an every growing problem of tree maintenance. The HOA Board works to maintain the standards of the community to the best of our ability and budget. If you have questions about the landscaping or if you would like to help with landscaping issues, please contact the board at
The Landscape Plan map is located here.
2013: The work to be done in the master landscaping plan was determined by the community landscape consultant. The focus of the initial phase of the landscaping plan is to address safety hazards and areas of erosion in the
community. All trees to be removed were approved by the Reston Association. Details of the plan can also be found on our website at Click on the Phasing Recommendations link for the plan.
This plan is for the benefit of our community and to strengthen its beauty and appeal. Please be sure to raise any questions or concerns regarding the master landscaping plan by contacting Sequoia Management at (703) 803-9641.
The Reston Association approval is located here.
Snow Removal: In the past few years, Northern Virginia has seen several large snow storms. Our community has narrow streets with many cars parked throughout. These are challenging obstacles for Blade Runners as they work to clear our cluster of snow. In the wake of a large storm. please be neighborly and patient and check our community Facebook page for updates on snow removal. Please remember to shovel the sidewalk in front of your home and remember that the saving of parking spaces is not permitted.




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